Spoiler: They Make Babies

A short note!

Posted in Things To Read by spoilerbaby on February 4, 2010

I have it on good authority that my fellow Jess (who I will call Captain until she gets off her butt and pseudonymizes herself*) is going to write a review of the new Kristan Higgins.  I have it on good authority that I am going to respond to that review with several scintillating remarks (probably along the lines of “LOL SO TRUE! MY THOUGHTS EXACTLY!”).  I have a backlog of romance novels to tell you about, too, including the rereleased Cinderella Deal, by Jennifer Crusie, and a couple of frankly hilarious novels that I will reenact for you in capslock (I’m sure you’re on tenterhooks) and then deconstruct from a race theory perspective (I wish I were kidding– no, wait, you wish I were kidding).

Parentheticals aside (never!), I’m writing this post because I am one of those weirdos who subscribes to the email lists of her favorite authors.  A few days ago, I got an email from the Elizabeth Hoyt listserv that said she’ll be coming out with a new book in August 2010.  It is entitled Wicked Intentions, and you can read a synopsis and an excerpt here.  Here is the stepback, which is usually my favorite part of any romance novel, because they are inevitably both amazing (I want to meet these artists) and hilarious (OH MY GOD IS THAT HIS SCHLONG, IT IS, IT IS HIS SCHLONG):

Clearly a strumpet: note her lack of petticoats.

This one does not involve schlongitude, but it does involve a serious lack of petticoats on the part of the lady.  What a sawce-box!  Check out the detail on the rug beneath them: who are these artists, seriously? Where can I meet and potentially seduce them?

I hope this finds you well.  Another post in the near future!

— First Mate Jess

* – No pressure, Captain! Also, “pseudonymizes herself” sounds kind of dirty, and I still totally meant it!  Whoa!