Spoiler: They Make Babies

Comedically romantic.

Posted in General Talk by spoilerbaby on March 20, 2010

I love a certain type of romantic comedy.  Lately the rom-coms on offer from Hollywood haven’t quite rung my bell, though; they’re all about an uppity woman getting put in her place, like Sandra Bullock in The Proposal or Jennifer Aniston in the execrable-looking Bounty Hunter.

There have been a few promotional trailers out and about that look promising to me, though.  Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman star in an adaptation of a Jeffrey Eugenides short story entitled The Switch:

Hortense at Jezebel observes that this is probably going to be mediocre and predictable — especially based on the standard rom-com trailer — but at least it made me smile, which is more than the trailers of Aniston’s other rom-coms did.

And of course there’s Date Night, starring Steven Carrell and the inimitable Tina Fey:

Which I pray will be at least semi-decent.

Have you seen any promising trailers lately?  Or did I miss an amazing romantic comedy in the recent past?


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